Processing Language – Fun Approach to Learning Creative Computer Programming

Apa itu Processing?

Processing adalah bahasa pemrograman dan lingkungan untuk pemrograman (development environment) yang bersifat open source untuk memprogram gambar, animasi, dan suara.

What some special in Processing?

  • It is especially good for someone studying or working in a visual field, such as graphic design, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, video, illustration, web design, and so on.
  • The language has been used to create various data visualization and installation art pieces.
  • But most often you just see people playing with it.
  • Creating complex and beautiful pictures and animations.
  • The Processing software runs on the Mac, Windows, and GNU/Linux platforms.
  • With the click of a button, it exports applets for the Web or standalone applications for Mac, Windows, and GNU/Linux.
  • Graphics from Processing programs may also be exported as PDF, DXF, or TIFF files and many other file formats.
  • Future Processing releases will focus on faster 3D graphics, better video playback and capture, and enhancing the development environment.
  • Some experimental versions of Processing have been adapted to other languages such as JavaScript, ActionScript, Ruby, Python, and Scala; other adaptations bring Processing to platforms like the OpenMoko, iPhone, and OLPC XO-1. Continue reading “Processing Language – Fun Approach to Learning Creative Computer Programming”